This web site is dedicated to raising awareness of the pressing need for Singhala and Tamil to develop in a technologically literate world. Currently, our indigenous languages are technologically challenged and in imminent danger of being marginalised. It is imperative that urgent steps are taken to develop viable character allocation tables. In order that Singhala and Tamil are equiped to take their rightful places at the global arena of IT, this site details historical background, the methods, obstacles, and support required in the implementation of character allocation tables for Singhala and Tamil.
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Brief Political History
Development of Singhala Characters
Evolution of Singhala Characters
Three Sinhala (Hodiyas) without the Vowel Expansion
Development of Tamil Characters
Tamil Alphabet with the Vowel Expansion
Position of Sri Lanka Standard Institute
Difficulties Relating to the Current Software
Advantages of having a Singhala and Tamil Character Matrix
Why we need complete Singhala and Tamil Characters
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Nalaka Gunawardene's ICT Hype and ICT Realities
Unicode Consortium explain why we get garbage Singhala
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